Tips To Help You Buy A Cricket Bat Like A Pro

Recent amendments by the MCC requires that the edge of the cricket bat must not measure thicker than 40mm and the spine height should be well within 67mm. This leaves us with one question: how to choose the right cricket bat? If you browse through products at Meulemans Cricket Centre, you will notice that each of their wares adhere to guidelines meted out by the MCC. Update yourself on the latest cricket news by visiting

Some factors to consider while buying a standard cricket bat are as follows:

Should you buy a heavy bat or a light one? The truth is that there is no magic number. In order to achieve an optimal performance, you should buy a bat that is best for you. Each of us has a different physique and you must use your intuition to find out what works best for you. A massive profile bat might work for few while a lightweight bat is best for others.

Shape Of The Bat
Each player has a different style of striking the bat. You can buy a bat that is suited for front or back foot, but in reality, you may have to play on both these type of wickets. Pick a bat that feels right for you as you are most likely to strike the ball using different areas of the cricket bat.

Grade Of The Bat
The appeal of the bat has very little to do with its performance. It was wrongly construed that bats with thick grains were the best. However, they have a tendency to chip and break off easily. If you wish to enhance your performance on the field, you should first be able to list what you expect from the bat and then assess how you intend to play the game.

Grade 1:
These types of bats are designed using Grade 1 wood and hence are considered expensive. You can find the presence of redwood and 5 to 6 straight grains on the surface. At times, they are accompanied by a speck of dust at the back.

Grade 2:
You can find plenty of redwood on the surface, but it does not affect the bat’s playability in any way.

Grade 3:
If budget is your constraint and you are looking for value for money, Grade 3 bat is an appropriate choice among players. You can find few grains or a butterfly-shaped mark on the surface of the bat.

Grade 4:
Here, the bat exhibits a discolored surface and you can find there are several butterfly shaped marks on the blade.

Teenagers, in particular, grow at the rate of 6 to 7 centimeters every year. This is why it is important to buy a new bat at the beginning of a new cricket season. If you play with a bat that is either too heavy or small for you, it comes in way of the game’s enjoyment. If you measure 6 feet and above, buy a bat with a long handle for better grip.

Robert Bryant